Stills from Phillip Warnell's short film Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies (2010). The film features French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy; it was shot on the Mediterranean near Marseille and at Nancy’s home in Strasbourg.

Extract from Nancy’s “Étranges corps étrangers,” which was written for the film and is available in Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies, trans. Daniela Hurezanu (London: Calverts, 2010):

All the way down to its guts, in its muscle fiber and through its irrigation channels, the body exposes itself, it exposes to the outside the inside that keeps escaping always farther away, farther down the abyss that it is. For this is the truth of the world: generated out of nothing, created, that is, not produced, not formed, not built - an alteration and a spasm of the nihil, the world is the explosion and the expansion of an exposition (that we may call “truth” or else “sense”). The chiasmus between body and world exposes the exposition to itself - and with itself, in the end, the impossibility to lead the world to one spirit and the sense to one signification. The world is strangeness unpreceded by any familiarity.


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