Image from the Codex Seraphinianus, completed by Luigi Serafini in 1978 and first published in two volumes in 1981. It is an illustrated encyclopedia of another universe, written in an alien script.

Maurice Blanchot writes:

The act of writing is related to the absence of the work, but is invested in the Work as book. The madness of writing - this insane game - is the relation of writing; a relation established not between the writing and production of the book but through the book’s production, between the act of writing and the absence of the work.

To write is to produce the absence of the work (worklessness, unworking, [désoeuvrement]). Or again: writing is the absence of the work as it produces itself through the work, traversing it throughout. Writing as unworking (in the active sense of the word) is the insane game, the indeterminacy that lies between reason and unreason (Maurice Blanchot, The Infinite Conversation, trans. Susan Hanson (Cambridge, Mass.: University of Minnesota Press, 1993), p 424 


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